My Babies

My Babies

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


     Where do I start? It has been awhile since I have written and I have really wanted to sit down and take a moment to update everyone on how things have been. This may be more like rambling - I just have a lot on my mind these days!

    Spring Break Update: I was off this past week for Spring Break so Kevin and I took Russ to South Carolina to visit my family and it was such a good trip. We went to the Greenville Zoo on our last day and it was so much fun. He wanted to run through the entire zoo - it was hard to keep up with him! On the way home from the trip, Russ said he wanted to go to Cooper's house. So the next day we went over to their house for a visit. I was so excited that Kevin spent extra time with us on Spring Break. While there, Kev got his truck stuck in their yard! It was such a mess!! We also took Nicholas' Easter decorations up to the cemetery. It looks really nice. Russ picked him out a rabbit, Sharron (grandma) got him a wreath, and I got him an Easter basket (shaped like a dinosaur of course!) and a wind chime. I am very happy with how it all turned out. I honestly never thought about having to put an Easter basket together to take to the cemetery. I don't know that it will ever really get any easier to do.

    Baby Dinosaur Project Update: We have had several meeting with the Huntsville Hospital Foundation about the room on the Labor and Delivery floor. A few weeks ago we got to see the room we will be using. It was so exciting to see that this dream will one day become a reality. The 1st Annual Miss Hope of Huntsville Pageant is scheduled for May 22nd at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville. We have been handing out flyers and I have linked them to this page if you know anyone that would like to participate.  (Forms) All proceeds will benefit the Baby Dinosaur Project at the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. I am very excited about the pageant and hope it is a great success!! Also, The Baby Dinosaur Project donated 10 memory boxes to the Labor and Delivery floor at Huntsville Hospital. We are hopeful to donate more very soon. If you would like to help, please let me know!

   * Compassion is a word that pops into my head often these days. I am working harder on having compassion for others. I have always been sensitive to others feelings, but I don't know that I have truly been compassionate. The definition of compassion is deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it. I want to help relieve the suffering others have/will endure when it comes to losing a child. Not only am I working on being more compassionate, I am thankful for how compassionate so many others have been to me. I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I have in my life.

   *Empty arms...I have heard this expression so many times and I know exactly how it feels. I still ache to hold my sweet angel and rock him to sleep. I don’t know that those feelings will ever be gone and to be honest I don’t know if I truly ever want them to be gone. I try to imagine all the people in Heaven taking care of Nicholas and I am sure there is a long line of people waiting to hold him. That does make me happy to know he is being taken care of by some wonderful people.

   *Russ - He is the honest joy of my life. He is such an amazing and smart little boy. I am so blessed to have him. I thank God everyday for him. I am amazed at how much he is growing - he is getting SO tall!


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  1. From: Lisa B.
    Love you Kassie - the Baby Dinosaur Project is helping many hurting families I know. Nicholas will always be in our hearts and on our minds.